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Waunakee Golf Course Gives Back

Two miles west of Waunakee, tucked into a pocket of homes off Highway 19 is a pay-what-you-can par-3 golf course that has benefited people who are blind and visually impaired. Sil Maly, who owns Harvest Hill Golf on Poelma Drive, established the course about 25 years ago. Last summer, the realtor and developer decided to donate weekend fees collected from golfers to go to three charitable organizations. Continue Reading Waunakee Golf Course Gives Back

Happy World Braille Day 2021

A statue of Louis Braille at La Ressource, in the Hauts de Sainte-Marie of Reunion. Photo: Thierry Caro On World Braille Day (January 4), we’re reflecting on the impact of Louis Braille’s work by sharing stories from people across Wisconsin. The celebration of Braille’s birthday,… Continue Reading Happy World Braille Day 2021